Statement Concerning COVID-19

  Statement Concerning COVID-19  
Update May 30, 2021
Slowly Back to Normal

As mentioned in the bulletin things at Our Savior are going to begin a slow movement back to normal. Currently the only changes have surrounded communion. Pastor and the assisting elder are no longer wearing masks during the distribution additionally, also each table is filled more as it was before (though the center portion remains open).

Part of this move is purely practical. For over a month now we have not had anyone utilize the fellowship hall or our drive-up service and it takes a fair amount of extra work to provide for these locations. Due to the inactivity, it has become a poor use of our time and resources. So we have a sort of ultimatum on these areas. Between now and June 13 if we have no one utilizing these areas we will minimize what we are providing for them on June 20. Primarily this will mean we will not provide fully printed bulletins for these areas and will no longer provide the “visual” in the fellowship hall. Regular bulletins will be available and the audio will still be heard in the fellowship hall and outside. The only other change would be a return the use of the full communion rail once again.

We will continue gathering the offering at the door and keeping a section of spaced pews in the back. Please speak to an elder or pastor if you have concerns or would prefer pastor to visit you. Finally, we continue to pray that God would pour out His Spirit through His Word to keep us steadfast in faith toward Him and love toward one another that we live in grace and mercy toward one another.

In Christ,
Rev. Jordon Andreasen

Update May 23, 2021
Little Changes  
You may begin to notice some small changes to our conduct and life at church in the next several weeks. As the vaccine efficacy is further proven to be effective in preventing illness and spread of COVID-19 we will begin a gradual return to normal. Please be sure to let an elder or pastor know if you are uncomfortable to an extent that you would abstain from attending church or receiving the sacrament, so that pastor can call on you at home or deliver communion to you in your pew. Above all put on love for love covers a multitude of sins.

Reminder of COVID Precautions    

We continue to weather this pandemic together. We are increasingly seeing members of our congregation getting vaccinated. 

This does not mean that we should let our guard down. While we may not be concerned for ourselves, we are still called to love our neighbor. In this case our brothers and sisters in Christ. For this reason, it is important that we continue to be cautious and respectful.


A. If you are not feeling well please stay home.

B. If you are at greater risk please take precautions as recommended by your doctor.

C. While our community has not mandated use of masks and churches continue to be exempt from any mandates in our state, it is certainly Biblical to consider following the encouragements of our civil and health authorities in this regard.

We also continue to provide a variety of ways to deliver the Word and Sacrament in the midst of this pandemic in a way which we pray serves everyone in their need and continues to take precautions.

1. We continue to stream the service via our Facebook page.

2. We continue the “drive up” option along Jay Street. So, we continue to ask that these parking spaces be reserved for those who wish to remain in their vehicles.

3. We continue to offer “masks only” in the Fellowship Hall.  We have rearranged this area so that it is a bit more “cut off” from other activities.

4. Change to Sanctuary Seating at Our Savior - After reviewing the input of the members of the congregation, it was apparent that the most agreeable way to address the current seating situation is to reduce the amount of spaced seating available in the sanctuary. This means that beginning on May 2 there will be a section of "spaced" pews near the back of the sanctuary while the rest of the sanctuary will be seating as usual. While we do not require masks, you are free to wear them (just realize others may not be wearing masks). Please remain considerate and respectful to others, we look at one another according to the Gospel of Christ which means we see sinners redeemed by Christ. We see brothers and sisters! We will continue to offer the masks only in the Fellowship Hall as well as "drive-up" on Jay Street so long as they are being used. Finally, if you find yourself uncomfortable with this arrangement or in need of other considerations, please feel free to speak with an Elder or Pastor.

5. During the distribution of the Lord’s Supper pastor and the elders continue to wear masks and use hand sanitizer immediately prior to distributing the elements. We also begin with those outside, then the fellowship hall, ending in the sanctuary. The use of the chalice is still offered, though the cloth used to wipe down after each communicant is drenched in a strong alcohol suitable for consumption to further sanitize the chalice between communicants.

6. Finally, pastor will also bring you the sacrament to your home if you desire. He will gladly wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before and after the visit. Please contact the office if you would like to schedule a visit.

If you find the quality of the streaming, drive up, or fellowship hall to be lacking in some way; could you please let us know? We can only try to make something better if we know what is wrong. The only caveat here is that we are limited by our equipment to some extent.

May our Lord continue to guard and keep you all, strengthen your faith in Him, and so live with joy and confidence now and unto death or His coming, whichever is first.