For Visitors

  For Visitors  


You are welcome to join us. Christ came for sinners which means He came for all people. He came to forgive sinners. He came to give sinners a life that is no longer found in sin, but in Him. So you are welcome to gather with us in receiving forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Weekly Activities

Divine Service:

Sunday at 8:15 AM at St. John's Lutheran in Columbia (Sister Parish of Our Savior, Aberdeen)
(The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays, and Festival Days of the Church Year)
Sunday at 10:45 AM at Our Savior Lutheran, Aberdeen
(The Lord’s Supper is celebrated every Sunday, as well as Festival Days of the Church Year.)
Bible Studies:

Sunday Bible Class
At St. John's on the 1st and 3rd Sundays; at Our Savior on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of the month.
Bible study follows the service at St. John's and is held at about 10AM at Our Savior.
Due to the limited time, we generally take a closer look at one of the assigned readings for the Sunday.
Wednesday Bible Class
Wednesday nights at 6:30PM (at Our Savior); we are currently doing a study of the book of James. 
Don't worry if you miss a class, join us anytime. All are welcome.
Monthly Saturday Bible Class
Generally held on the 2nd Saturday of a month (at Our Savior).
We gather from 9-11AM to investigate topics or themes chosen by members of the congregations.
For kids and youth:

Sunday School
At 9:30AM (at Our Savior) we have Sunday School classes for Pre-Schoolers through High School.
Youth Group
While the youth group generally meets on Sunday mornings they also get together at other times as well. Once a month the youth from sister LCMS congregations gather for games and Bible Study.
Catechism Class
Wednesdays at 5:00PM (at Our Savior) students who are generally 5-8th graders meet with parents to grow in faith and prepare to receive the Lord’s Supper.
Visitor FAQ's:
    What is worship like?
  • Worship at Our Savior and St. John is guided by our liturgies with hymns, readings, and a sermon. We vary the use of liturgies and will occasionally have choral and special music.  You will typically find the hymn numbers and the order of service for the day listed in the bulletin.  Hymn numbers are additionally listed on the hymn boards.  Scripture readings for the service are printed in the bulletin.
    What is the purpose of the liturgy?
  • We use the liturgies for a number of reasons, of which a few are:

    A. They serve to teach the Scripture. Most of the words, responses and songs of the liturgy are directly from Scripture. Through regular use of the liturgy we are learning the words of Scripture!
    B. Through the liturgy we are demonstrating our connection with fellow Christians now and in ages before us. The liturgies in use are connected with liturgies used in early Christianity. What joy it is to sing the same words as those who have believed in the same Jesus decades and centuries before us. We share a unity of faith which transcends time and place.
    C. The liturgies and appointed readings serve to protect the congregation from false teaching. The words of the liturgy use Scripture to teach us the faith. They also prevent the congregation from being run by a pastor’s whim and vision and aids to keep pastor and people focused upon the Word and truth of Jesus.
    Can I take communion?
  • Lutherans believe that the Lord’s Supper demonstrates a oneness with Christ in faith, life, and worship among those who receive Communion. Reception of the Lord’s Supper by Christians not in fellowship with us would imply a oneness which does not yet exist. For this reason, we welcome those with whom we have “altar and pulpit fellowship” to the Lord’s Supper. This includes members of sister congregations of the LC-MS, members of the American Association of Lutheran Churches, and Lutheran Church Canada; as well as members of partner churches throughout the World. If you would still like to know more about this practice please arrange a time to speak with our pastor.
    What should I wear?
  • We see a variety. Some come wearing “Sunday’s Best” and others attend in jeans and a shirt. Two basic principles should be kept in mind: modesty and reverence. We confess and believe that God is present and has gathered us together. So, we don’t want to distract others from God nor do we want to dress in a way that lacks reverence for God’s presence.